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Taste & Find

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Taste & Find 

All-You-Can-Taste Japanese Alcoholic Beverage Discovery Menu

This curated selection allows you to explore and identify your preferred Japanese alcoholic beverages.

Available Options:

Sake, Gin, and Whiskey: Freely choose from the designated selection on the lower shelf of our bar. Kindly note, the upper shelf features a separate menu.

Sample Sized Servings:

This menu is designed to facilitate a comparative tasting experience. To encourage exploration, refills of the same beverage are unavailable. Please note, responsible consumption is encouraged; excessive consumption is not the intended purpose of this menu.

  • Sake: Each serving is a measured 30ml.

  • Gin & Whiskey: Each serving is a measured 15ml.

☆ Maintaining a Refined Atmosphere:

To ensure a pleasant experience for all patrons:

  • Intoxicated guests may be politely declined further service.

  • We kindly request that you refrain from vomiting. Should this occur, a cleaning fee will be applied.

☆ Special Offer:

Enjoy a 10% discount on any full-sized bottle purchases of the beverages you discover on this menu.

☆ Spread the Word:

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Thank you for your patronage!