The problem of clean water and human life

Although 70% of the Earth area is covered by water, only 2.5% is fresh water. And people only can approach 1% of fresh water, because most of it is concentrated in glaciers and jokul.

In Vietnam, the level of pollution and scarcity of water resources are in an alarming state. Groundwater resources are facing pollution problems because of widespread saline intrusion and microbiological pollution.

Arsenic, fluorine and alum are common substances in untreated water sources. If people, particularly children, drink water containing all of these substances, for a long time, will have a severe neurological effect, intestinal diseases, cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Danger from cheap water bottles !!!

At present, there are many brands of drinking bottle from the different big and small manufacturers with different prices. But, the quality is very difficult to verify for consumers.

Besides the qualified water manufacturers such as Eco Life, AVIANA, Haru, Fresh, OFAMI, ... there are still many production facilities producing poor quality water, violating food safety and hygiene standards. Because of the profits, they ignore the health of consumers to produce poor quality water, leading to many serious sickness.

The source of clean water in your family

Instead of using water bottles which you cannot ensure the quality, the water purifier from Japan, SESUI of Tabuchi, has many outstanding features which will help ensure the quality of water and save cost for your family.

  • Be able to eliminate 83 harmful substances which are the largest number of the world.

  • Can remove general organism and moldy smell by granular activated carbon.

  • Though initial cost of water purifier looks expensive, actually, it is more economical to use it in the long run.