The first prefectural gin project! Announcement of new release of “Chiba Prefecture Gin”

Chiba Ken Gin

On June 10, 2023, World Gin Day, Starmark Co., Ltd. released Chiba Prefecture Gin, a new craft gin that uses peanuts, a specialty of Chiba Prefecture. Starting with this product, we will continue to develop ``prefectural gins'' as local craft gins from all 47 prefectures nationwide.


◆About “Chiba Prefecture Gin”/Product Features

In developing the product, we focused on distilling peanuts, a specialty of Chiba Prefecture, to bring out the best in their appeal, resulting in a product with a rich aroma. The raw materials used are peanuts produced by Anbai Farm, a farmer specializing in peanuts in Chiba Prefecture.

The fragrant peanut flavor can be enjoyed not only in classic cocktails such as gin and tonics and martinis, but also as an accompaniment to meals.

◆ Thoughts behind the development: “Jin as a communication tool”

Over the past three years, there has been a major disconnect in communication in the world, making it difficult for people to gather together, laugh, and share drinks. I wanted to create a product that would fill that blank time and serve as an opportunity for communication...That's how the idea to create ``Ken Gin'' (trademark registration pending) was born .

Based on the keyword "prefecture" that anyone can talk about, we design our products with the hope of sparking fun conversations between locals and non-locals alike.

We have named this initiative the "Prefecture Gin Project" and plan to expand it to 47 prefectures nationwide. Furthermore, based on the concept of "bringing good local products to the world," we will continue to disseminate them domestically and internationally.


◆About product sales

In addition to selling online through our e- commerce site, ``Routo Mail Order . I will do it.

We are currently recruiting sales partners. For more information, please contact us using the contact information below.


◆What is the Prefectural Gin Project?

``We want to make everyone smile, both locals and non-prefectures.'' This
is an initiative to plan and develop craft gin using special products from each of the 47 prefectures in Japan and disseminate it domestically and internationally.
We aim to design products that not only bring out the flavors of local products to the fullest and be delicious, but also can be used as fun communication tools when gathering with a drink in hand.
In addition, we will use the "Prefecture Gin" as an opportunity to communicate the appeal of each prefecture, revitalize the region, and create a network that connects producers and sellers.
We are also looking for partners who can work with us to create ``prefectural gin'' in each region. If you are interested, please contact us.

◆Product sales page

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