How to make Japanese-style rice sprinkles, your children will eat them quickly.

Japanese-style rice sprinkles will introduce your baby to the flavors of many different food ingredients, and also help your baby eat well and bring rice.
Japanese-style rice seasoning is one of the most popular and beloved Japanese dishes. This dish has many ways to prepare with many different ingredients, from tuna, chili, miso powder, seaweed, salmon, pork, beef, green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, spices. Taste… Mom can consider the favorite ingredients, suitable for the baby that the family has or can buy more to make it more sophisticated.
This article will tell you how to make Japanese-style rice sprinkles with shrimp and salmon.

How to make spiced rice sprinkles from salmon

This dish from seasoning sprinkles with rice, besides being able to be eaten with rice, the mother can give it to the baby to eat with eggs, sprinkle on vegetables, bread ... also. Note that if the baby is under 1 year old, the mother should limit the seasoning for the baby.



  • 300g salmon fillet
  • 1 pack of fresh milk
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 pieces of seaweed
  • 1 teaspoon roasted sesame


  • Salmon is washed with fresh milk until fishy, ​​remove bones and skin, steamed. Then shred it and bring it to the roasting pan, until the salmon is dry and loose.
  • Boiled egg yolks. Next, use a spoon to crush. Put the pan on the stove and stir the egg yolks on the pan, so that the eggs are crumbly and dry. Let cool.
  • Mom's seaweed, put it in a plastic bag and crush it with your hands, then pour it on a plate
  • Roasted sesame should be ground, avoid leaving the seeds whole because if the baby is too young, the baby will feel an itchy throat.
  • Finally, bring the prepared ingredients together

Store in a box and let your baby use it gradually!

How to make seasoning sprinkles with rice from shrimp

This seasoning with rice helps your baby eat better and adds calcium.



  • 200g fresh shrimp
  • 2 tablespoons roasted white sesame
  • 2 pieces of seaweed


  • Clean shrimp, remove the head, remove the black thread on the back and then marinate a little seasoning powder. Next is dry roasting, cooling, then pounding or grinding.
  • White sesame roasted yellow and then ground
  • Seaweed crushed
  • Mix all these ingredients together and put in a jar, store in a dry place
  • You can mix rice for your baby, make rice balls, make vegetable sushi, sprinkle with vegetables… for your baby to enjoy
  • Mother also pay attention to these rice seasonings, if the baby is under 1 year old, it is best not to spice it, and for the baby over 1 year old, the mother can add a little spice as you like. Avoid giving unpleasant spices like chili to your baby.
  • In addition to shrimp and salmon, you can also replace it with other main ingredients such as pork, tuna, carp, snakehead fish... Or you can also replace seaweed with green leafy vegetables like spinach. sticky rice, moringa…

For green leafy vegetables, the mother prepares them by putting the vegetables in a paper bag, placing them in the refrigerator for a few days to dry, similar to freezing. Then she took out the vegetables and pureed them, poured them into a hot pan, roasted them until crispy, and then roasted them on the hot pan again. Then I mix the vegetables with the other ingredients that have been prepared.

Good luck moms.