6 principles of drinking Japanese sake

Sake is an alcoholic drink from Japanese rice. Sake has appeared for a long time and has become a part of the cultural and spiritual life of the people. Let's find out some Japanese sake drinking principles to have a deeper look at this drink.

1. Bottle and cup used to drink sake


The bottle used to drink sake, Japanese called Tokkuri, is a ceramic bottle, shaped onions with narrow neck. There are also a few other types used, such as Katakuchi with a teapot -like picture.

There is a lot of controversy about the standard cup for sake, some people think that it is a small hand -held cup called Ochoko, who confirmed that it is Sakazuki with a flat bottom, or a traditional wooden cup Name Masu.

In addition to traditional cups, people now use glass cups, helping drinkers to observe the color of wine and feel the fullness of sake.

2. The appropriate temperature of enjoying sake

Sake types like Junmai-Shu and Honjozo-Shu are often warmed up to the room temperature before enjoying. Meanwhile, sake has not been sterilized (unpasteurized), chilled will be more delicious.


3. How to pour sake


Holding the sake bottle with both hands, palms face down. Then pour into each cup, but absolutely do not pour into your cup. The guests will be the one who poured the sake to invite the host.

You can also pour sake with one hand, but the other hand has to touch the hand. If you have a higher status than the person you are serving (for example, you are their boss), it is not necessary to pour with two hands touching each other.

4. How to hold a glass of sake

While being served, raise your glasses to show politeness. One of your hand holding a glass of wine and put the whole hand on the other hand.
If you have a higher status than the waiter, just hold the glass with one hand.

5. Touch the glass when drinking sake

Before touching the glass with others, say "Kanpai". Another principle of special attention is that if you touch the glass with a person with a higher status than you, touch your glass under their glass to show respect.

6. Enjoy sake

Sake has not high alcohol content, reward is about 15 degrees, so it can be taken like white wine. However, do not take a sip of the glass because the alcohol vapor will shine directly into the nose and throat, causing discomfort.

Moreover, when drinking sake, you should turn away from the direction of the person with a slightly higher status. And if you drink sake with people with very high status, a polite need is to completely turn away from their side before drinking.