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[Promotion]  Water Purifier SEISUI High-Performance (No VAT)

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[Promotion] Water Purifier SEISUI High-Performance (No VAT)

VND 8,750,000

MS: 0015-0021-VN-00001
*** Special discount 5% for water purifiers and cartridge of TABUCHI and TORAY
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     Promotion time: 13 - 26/5/2019
Water Purifier SEISUI High-Performance 4997543072334
Made in Japan

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The Reason To Choose “SEISUI” High-Performance Water Purifier #1 

1) Water purifier with world highest standards
SEISUI water purifier is able to eliminate world’s largest number of 83 harmful substances. It even get rid of radioactive substances like iodine and cesium.
SEISUI water purifier can remove general organism and moldy smell which can not be removed by granular activated carbon or hollow fiber film.
SEISUI water purifier employs MULTIPURE compressed solid activated carbon filter cartridge which is certified by NSF, international standards of water purifier.
MULTIPURE compressed solid activated carbon filter cartridge produced in the U.S.A. has outstanding capability of filtration among NSF certified water purifiers.
2) You can get tasty, clean and safe water from faucet
SEISUI water purifier is able to get rid of harmful substances without losing minerals.
Water produced by SEISUI water purifier can be used for rinsing rice, washing vegetables, and making milk for babies!
Because SEISUI water purifier turns tap water into mineral water, you can spend clean and safe water for various purposes without worry of shortage.
3) SEISUI water purifier is economical!
SEISUI water purifier enjoys a purification capacity of 3,000L per cartridge. In other words, it costs less than 5 Japanese Yen (1,000VND) per 1L. It is more economical to use SEISUI water purifier than to purchasing bottled waters.
We consume water everyday. Though initial cost of water purifier looks expensive, actually, it is more economical to use it in the long run.
Maintenance of SEISUI water purifier is very easy. Body of purifier can be washed without taking it apart. You can always keep it clean.

Water purifier of TABUCHI VIETNAM is made to return the tap water to safe water, such as natural water which is not contaminated as a concept. It can get rid of 83 kinds of harmful substances by high-performance filter, and create a body-friendly water by leave a useful minerals in the human body, and it is possible for baby to drink it with confidence. It is good water not only for drink, but also for cooking.


TABUCHI VIETNAM’s obsessiveness is to manufacture good performance products and also good design products of beautiful interior to decorate the kitchen life. Our aim is to make best water and the best water purifier in the world.


- This machine is very easy to set up, you can watch the below video for more information.
- If you need support in set up, set up fee is 440,000vnđ/ a machine (Apply only for Hochiminh City)

How to set up the water purifier

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You're reviewing: [Promotion] Water Purifier SEISUI High-Performance (No VAT)

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      [Promotion] Water Purifier SEISUI High-Performance (No VAT)


      VND 8,750,000